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A completely trusted partner – that is how I would describe NextWealth. They have done everything we could have expected and more. NextWealth is reliable, flexible, available, and on time, every time. The team at NextWealth has played a critical role in the growth and success of Probe Information Services and we hope to continue to grow and scale with their continued help.

Atul Singhal

Probe Information Services

Krishna motukuri - Co-Founder Zippin

NextWealth has partnered with us, not as a vendor, but as an extension of our operations team. Being a startup, this was really important for us, in order to get real time feedback, identify problems, solve them, and deploy the solutions raidly.

Krishna Motukuri


Kishore rajgopal -Founder and CEO NextOrbit

Super value. Super engagement. Responsive. Good partner in our growth. Very well. Absolutely recommend them to other clients.

Kishore Rajgopal

Founder and CEO

Govind Chandrasekhar - Co-Founder & Head of Data Science Semantics3

NextWealth has been a key partner for us in our effort to deliver high-quality data to our customers. We value NextWealth for their flexibility and ability to scale (teams). NextWealth helps us with QA work and heuristic building. This feeds into our human-in-the-loop systems.

Govind Chandrasekhar

Co-Founder & Head of Data Science

Dan Chelew President Cypress Media

Nextwealth has been a key partner in supporting critical staff-based functions within my operations. They have given me both scale and a cost effective solutions for my business to continue to grow. NextWealth is performing excellent.  Yes, i would recommend them to others. 

Dan Chelew

Cypress Media


The NextWealth partnership has proven to be of immense value to the Machine learning efforts at Freshworks. What we started off as an experimental program a year ago, has today matured to a level where we involve them as part of several of our data enrichment workflows. The scope of the partnership includes generating training datasets for ML models, estimating model output quality, enriching metadata for NLP models, and so on. The most impressive thing about NextWealth has been their ability to maintain high levels of accuracy even as their workforce expands and churns over time.

Swaminathan Padmanabhan

Senior Director, Data Science


Value, Time and Quality – Best describes NextWealth. NextWealth handles product image processing as per our specification. They have been doing an excellent job with this process and I would definitely recommend them to businesses who are looking for cost effective solutions for such processes. 

Praveen Posina

Head of Content

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