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Who We Are

Adding A Human Touch To Digital Processes

NextWealth provides Digital Business Processes Management services to companies that embrace digital technologies. One of the outcomes of digital technology implementation is automation of processes that require human effort.

At one end, there are processes that are amenable to a high degree of automation. In such a case, there is a need for ‘Human touch to Digital processes.’ NextWealth collects, processes, organizes, and analyses vast amount of data that is ready for automation, thus providing Digital Data services.

At the other end of the spectrum, some processes are still performed manually. In such a case, there is a need for ‘Digital touch to Human processes.’ NextWealth employs Cloud-based technologies, chatbots, and mobile apps to provide Customer Interaction services in this respect.

Overall, NextWealth helps companies enhance and extend their customer experience and empowers them for deeper engagements; for example e-Commerce and new-age financial institutions.

NextWealth works with enterprise giants, start-ups, and large banking firms – renowned in their space – to help them embrace and adopt digital technologies with greater ease.

Our services are planned towards introducing, enhancing, and extending customer experience processes to build brand loyalty for our clients. Backed by a human touch, our services cover a range of activities for improved customer experience processes – for example, meta-tagging products for quicker searches and voice-based solutions for faster ticket resolution.

Quality Policy

NextWealth and its centers commit to delivering high quality of work to their clients and exceed expectations of all stakeholders, consistently:

– In a fair and consistent manner
– Through world-class standardized and optimized processes
– By minimizing risks and ensuring compliance
– Working as a family, with a human touch

Distributed Delivery Model

As digital Business Processes Management Services experts, we understand the challenge as well as the demand in the market. That’s why we’ve designed a unique business model to help strike the perfect balance between the right talent, high-quality processes, and low-cost offerings.

40% of trained professionals in urban areas are drawn from suburban and rural areas – a resource pool that can be tapped at its source. Our innovative Distributed Delivery Model is based on this very opportunity: decentralizing operations to discover untapped talent pools.

Unlike city centers, which are few and focused in urban and sub-urban areas, our flexible model sets ground in Tier II and Tier III cities and is nurtured by skilled social entrepreneurs. This framework of multiple centers, unified on the Cloud, ensures maximum scalability and efficiency within the system. With an optimized knowledge and a resource-rich workforce, processes flow seamlessly for improved operational delivery. What’s more, businesses can now benefit from lower attrition and close-to-zero infrastructure costs.

The Benefits Of This Model Are Many, A Few Of Which Include:


Reduced Attrition

Information Technology Outsourcing

Scalability of

Information Technology Outsourcing

Multi-language Support

Information Technology Outsourcing

in Processes

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Vision and Mission

By tapping the talent pool of small-town graduates, we support businesses transitioning to the digital age and help bridge the demand-and-supply gap of the IT industry.

To impact businesses by enhancing their end-customer experience and providing a human touch as they journey through digitalization.


To provide cost-effective and expert digital Business Processes Management Services services with our unique Distributed Delivery Model and thereby enhance customer experience.

Our Team


Drawing from a wealth of experience and knowledge, NextWealth is led by a team of visionaries. Each member brings their unique skill-sets to the table, giving the company a strong foundation to achieve its vision. The social entrepreneurs driving change at our centers further help us connect businesses to skill and talent.